Satoru Saitou

President/Owner Atelier Satoru-chi

Japanese style Art painter


 Satoru Saito was born in 1977. He is living in Shizuoka prefecture,Japan.

 He is popular by japanese style paint art performance which everybody feels wonderful things. He is also active in a lecture in japanese.


 It is wonderful the best performance that we can see at his event. he draws a picture on huge size paper (height:1.8m,width:1.8m). Everybody can not believe, but the time until he finished drawing on it is 5 minutes.


 He is telling  "what is happiness" and "tips to find the joy"  through anecdotes, such as Buddhist art  in his lecture.

 The individual drawing sessions with his physiognomy knowledge was done about 10,000 people in total fifteen years.


 He started journey when he was teen years. he had continued the journey until he became a self-taught painter.


 Currently, he has several projects of the ceiling paintings for japanese shrines and japanese historical  temples.


 Also temples that were affected by the Great East Japan earthquake, he has dedicated the ceiling paintings for the requiem of the victims.


 His theme of  art work are joy and happiness. He is aiming to expressions of joy and prayer.



Satoru-chi Web Site in Japanese
Satoru-chi Web Site in Japanese